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AVE (Spain): Train Travel Info

For long distance trips in Spain, the AVE is the way to go. The train in Spain: The AVE train Looking to explore the beauty that is Spain? The AVE is a high speed train in Spain that allows travelers to experience all that the illustrious region has to offer. Plan on breathing the fresh air of Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona and Valencia. Effortlessly travel by train from Madrid to Barcelona or Madrid to Seville inside one of the window-lined, high-tech AVE cars. …Read More

7 Epic Walking Trails Around the World

7 Epic Walking Trails Around the World: Wandering along wooded trails, fording rivers and stumbling onto untouched natural wonders—that's what travel means to the millions who lace up their hiking boots and put their feet to work on vacation every year. SmarterTravel's Josh Roberts gives us the low-down on his favorite foot trails.